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Inaugural Monthly Conference Call

Join us for our inaugural monthly conference call. This 1st call will be a one hour Q&A session where you can ask any business finance or related questions you can think of. Can’t think of any? Join in and listen to others’ questions …and the answers. It just may give you the information you need for your own business financing or cash management needs.

Conference Call Details

When: Thursday, September 8, 2011

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Where: Dial-in Number: (209) 647-1000

Participant Access Code: 318632#



The call is free except for any toll/long distance charges from your phone company. (Suggestion: Use your cell!)


3 Questions to Ask Before Seeking Financing

So many times small business owners say, “I need money, I wonder if I can get a bank loan?” Or if they are technology company owners they say, “I need money. I wonder if I can get angel investors or venture capital?”


I say to this, HOLD UP! Don’t jump the gun. There are some other questions you need to ask before you immediately limit your focus to one particular source of small business financing.


These are the questions you need to ask FIRST!:


1. How much money do I need? There are sooo many business owners who cannot answer this question. Read the rest of the article.


Seeking Investors?

If you are a small or medium business owner or start-up seeking investor capital to grow your business, you must view your business the same way an equity investor would. It is crucial that you view your business as an applicable investment vehicle much in the same way you would view the following: stock in a publicly traded company; residential real estate investments; commercial real estate investments; stakes in oil and gas wells; other asset classes you may have heard of or considered investing in. If you view your small business this way, your company will reflect this and consequently, others will view your company as an investment vehicle.


When you look at your company as something other than that which supports your lifestyle (money to pay your personal bills, status in the community, flexibility, etc.), you treat your business differently. What does it mean to view your business as supporting your lifestyle? When you use your business to pay your personal bills and do not adequately document these transactions, you are treating your business as a lifestyle business.


Read the rest of the article.


    Book details how to access capital for growth in easy-to-understand language.

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Publicity Can Help Raise Capital

I have a client who opted to personally invest in a startup company in an industry somewhat related to his. He also is now looking at partnering opportunities after convincing the startup’s founder to attend a tradeshow with him. How did all of this get started? He read an article about the company in the local business newspaper and said, “I’d like to get to know them. I like what they are doing. Perhaps I can help.” He reached out and found the company’s contact information and called them.


Read the rest of the article.


Video: Writing a Successful Financing-Focused Executive Summary

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